Benefits of Alcohol Detox

Alcohol is a depressant whose effects are well known. Generally, depressants affect the nervous system and the average brain functioning. With long-term consumption of alcohol, the brain adjusts to the depressant effects, which force many to continue consuming. Abrupt consumption of alcohol has both physical and psychological consequences that you should be prepared for.  These manifest as withdrawal symptoms.

Benefits of Alcohol Detox

Your first step to alcoholism treatment is detoxification. This is the process of flushing out all the alcohol in one’s system. The effects will be felt for 1 to 2 weeks, but the duration depends on how long one has been an addict and if they are a chronic addict or not. In case you have over-consumed alcohol as an addict, it is best to seek professional detox services and avoid doing it at home on your own since the consequences can be severe.

Alcohol Withdrawal timelines

Most people experience withdrawal symptoms after 6 hours of talking and no alcohol. The effects peak after 2 to 3 days and may last for at least a week. Addicts feel irritable and sweat profusely in the first 12 hours. Most addicts experience quickened heartbeats and increased blood pressure, not forgetting tremors that occur in the first 12 hours. The symptoms worsen and intensify after 12 hours, with some addicts experiencing delirium and hallucinations.

How to Treat Withdrawal Symptoms

Medical detox is the most recommended. Experts discourage self-detoxification as the consequences of withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Rehab facilities like Taylor Recovery can help keep track and intervene in case the symptoms become too much to handle.

Why it is Important to Consider Supervised Detox

Medical detox programs provide round-the-clock monitoring during the detox phase. The professional staff around the facility are always at your back and call. You can be sure that the supportive environment will work to your benefit. They will monitor all your vitals and medicate you where necessary. This way, you get to avoid severe consequences with negative health implications.

Medical detox is also very safe. The constant monitoring ensures you do not relapse because of the severe withdrawal symptoms. This way, the risks of overdose are also eliminated. Close monitoring also ensures that no medical complications overwhelm you. It guarantees adequate body balance, preventing cardiac arrest, comas and breathing issues, and pancreas damage.

Medical detox also eliminates any possibilities of temptation. There will be no relapse cases or acute withdrawals, with the professionals ensuring you get all the support you need. The fact that they respond in good time spares you a lot of complications.

It also guarantees a quick return to good health. It can be complex and challenging to return to good health. Properly managing withdrawal symptoms ensures you do not fall back into your old habit. The support you get will also encourage and motivate you to fight for your full Recovery in the fullness of time.