How many sperms are needed for IUI?

A sperm trial, also known as a semen analysis, is necessary before devoting time and money to artificial insemination to appraise your probability of getting an operative IUI. The semen analysis will estimate the quantity and quality of your sperm.

It will indicate whether IUI is the best reproductive procedure for you and your spouse, as suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida. It will help if you get a sperm specimen for the sperm test, which is a rapid and painless method under IUI treatment in Noida.

Usually, this is consummated by masturbating into a sterile cup or wearing a particular condom while having intercourse. It is necessary to wait three to five days after the last emission before selecting the sample and ensuring the total emission is obtained since ejaculation frequency, and sample collection impacts the outcomes of sperm tests under IUI treatment in Noida.

Sperm movability for IUI success

One emission of semen from a person with normal prolificacy may contain more than 39 million sperm. On the other hand, there is a risk that not all of those sperm are in complete health suggested by the best IVF doctor in Noida.

At least 40% of the sperm in a discharge specimen must be motile – that is, they must be moving – for it to be deemed normal. It may also include non-progressive movements.

The sperm should have enhanced movability in at least 32% of the population.

It is common practice to establish a detection of poor sperm motility on the percentage of moving sperm. Additionally, it has been disclosed that the total motile sperm count is a more relevant indication under IUI treatment in Noida.