How you can do virtual mentoring work?

Mentoring platforms are inexpensive and so cheap that any interested person can easily buy them. They are a complete package of Knowledge, skills, and everything required in the professional world.

Mentoring platforms give access to premium courses to all registered mentees providing the latest content and top-quality expert guidance.

It also gives the Mentee chance to rate and choose the mentor according to their preference, and even after choosing, if at any point in time the Mentee is not satisfied with the mentor and they are given a chance to look for other mentors in the queue.

In addition to this, they also have Features like one-to-one counseling, taking feedback sessions, online doubt-clearing sessions, and Question answer sessions. Sessions are conducted for more than 30 minutes. Thirty minutes is the minimum time duration for which The meeting is carried forward.

The Mentee is not charged any other money than the registration fees for utilizing the features mentioned above.

Essential steps to follow:

Register by creating an account– Anyone who wants access to authentic mentorship can register themselves on the mentoring platforms by creating an account and paying the registration fees to get complete access to the premium courses and using the features provided by the platform. For the Mentee, basic details are asked at the time of registration which is supposed to be filled in correctly, whereas, for mentors, basic elements with extra details of their skills, resume, experience, and all necessary professional details are asked, which are supposed to be filled properly.

Choose your mentor- After completing the registration process, people are now allowed to check the details of all the mentors, their skills, expertise, and experience, and after that, only the Mentee can finalize their choice of mentor and give their final selection to the team.